Custom Car Vinyl Wraps

Custom car vinyl wraps are the top way to add a dash of personalisation to your car. From mind-blowing graphics and eye-catchy artwork to non-stock colours, at TAWV, we can create unique custom car vinyl wraps at affordable prices.

We use premium brands and materials to give your car a complete makeover with our vinyl wraps. Our team are not just passionate about cars, but we live, breathe and dream cars! So, we put all our love and hard work to meticulously create custom car vinyl wraps and car wrap melbourne that covers your car with a protective PPF layer of wrap. So, whether you’d love to change its colour or wrap it in different colours to give your car sporty or racing vibes, we can achieve it at our wrapping shop. You will love the results of our custom car vinyl wraps.

Alternatively, if you wish to create a unique fleet design for your cars or use your vehicle as an advertising channel for your business, we can create custom car signage vinyl wraps that are sophisticated, in the colours of your choice and with various finishes like satin, matte, gloss, metallic, pearls or other textures.

If you have a design in mind, our team of expert designers will work with you to bring that to life. Along with custom car vinyl wraps, we also undertake paint protection film layering, car detailing, minor car servicing and engine build.

AT TAWV, we understand that your car is the pride and joy of your life and we are honoured to be trusted with it to work on making it a stunner. We work on all our projects with the same attention and dedication, giving it the time and effort it deserves to deliver a perfect custom car vinyl wrap and car paint protection.

There are many benefits to choosing custom car vinyl wraps.

  • A less expensive option to infuse new life into your car
  • Protects the layer of paint on a brand new car for years and you can remove it without any damage to the paint layer underneath.
  • Excellent to maintain the pristine quality of your car until you plan to resell it. The vinyl can be removed to reveal the original paint layers, which will get you a higher resale value.
  • Sun protective coating will ensure that your custom vinyl wrap doesn’t fade too much.
  • Custom car vinyl wraps can be incorporated with your business logo and contact information, subtly stylishly to enhance the look and be a moving billboard for your business.

We have years of experience and a long list of happy customers who keep coming back for your perfect custom car vinyl wraps and car detailing services. Beyond cars, we do custom vinyl wrapping for motorcycles and trucks.

Get ready to get heads turning with stunning custom car wraps. Call us on 0458 073 769 or send an email at to get a tailor-made quote for your custom vinyl wraps.


How much does a custom car wrap cost?

At TAWV, we are transparent with our custom car vinyl wraps and here is our pricing for our wraps:

Half Car Wrap From $2200

Full Car Wrap From $3500

Front Grille $120 – $280

Window Trims $300 – $400

Door Handles $60 – $80/each

Roof $280 – $380

Rear Garnish $80 – $120

Badges $30 – $50/each

Exhaust Tips $100 – $200/pair

Diffuser $120 – $300

Side Skirt Accents $120 – $300

Mirrors $150 – $300/pair

How long do car wraps last?

With proper care and maintenance, and when it’s parked in a garage while not in use, the car wrap can last more than 5 years! The key to extending the life of a car wrap is proper maintenance and care.

Can a wrapped cargo through a carwash?

Yes, a wrapped car can go through a brushless car wash. However, a hand wash is a preferred method of cleaning a wrapped car, and an automatic brushless car wash won’t do much damage. The brush-type car wash can be harmful to the wrap and may damage it by being too rough and causing the edges to peel and lift.